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Becoming a tenant

We're passionate about helping you find your next home.

At Clyde Valley Lets, our personal and professional service will make sure your move into rented accommodation will be as smooth as possible.

Clyde Valley Group owns and manages an extensive range of rental properties across North and South Lanarkshire and East Dunbartonshire, for either Mid-Market or Market Rent. You can learn more about what this means below.

Whether it’s the flexibility of property type and location, or the overall standard of rented accommodation improving over the last few years, Clyde Valley Lets is a fantastic place to start. Renting gives you control over your monthly outgoings, as there won’t be unexpected property repairs or maintenance bills. These will be taken care of by your landlord.

Our team is passionate about helping you find your perfect home.


Understanding Rental Types

What rental types and what rental options are best for you?

Clyde Valley Lets is here to help you understand the different options available.

Our mid-market rented homes are owned by Clyde Valley Group and we manage these homes on their behalf.

Mid-market rent is aimed at providing quality, affordable rented homes for people on low to moderate incomes.

It is designed to help people who would have difficulty accessing social rented housing, buying their own home or renting privately

Tenants generally pay a lower rent than market rent level, but more than local social housing tenants.  The rent levels are set at a point between those for a similar home for social rent and market rent.

Clyde Valley Lets manages market rented homes including a small number owned by Clyde Valley Property Services (a subsidiary of CVHA) as well as homes owned by private landlords.

Market Rent properties are designed to meet the accommodation requirements of households who have incomes generally in excess of that of normal Social Rented or Mid-Market Rent tenants.

The rent levels for Market Rent properties are determined by the location, property type and property size, and we benchmark local housing market rental charges for similar properties.

All applicants will be asked to submit proof of income and bank statements that we will use to assess eligibility.

Before being considered for a Mid-Market Rent property, applicants must satisfy the income criteria for this rental type:

  • Single applicants should have a maximum annual income of £28,000
  • Joint applicants should have a maximum combined annual income of £36,000 

Applicants wishing to apply for a Market Rent property are not subject to the same income criteria – there is no maximum income threshold however for both rental types, we would assess affordability by ensuring applicants have an income of at least 30x the monthly rent of the property.

In addition to an affordability assessment, we will carry out a full reference check that will confirm employment, income, credit and address history.

For more information about renting a property with Clyde Valley Lets get in touch.